Celebrate Our 10th Anniversary with Us!


The year 2014 marks Tapestry House’s 10th Anniversary of operation. Since its inaugural season, Tapestry House has hosted 1,554 events and has the “love bricks” to prove it!

On Sunday, May 30, 2004, Bobbie coordinated her very first ceremony in front of the gazebo and Mark ran the first reception inside the pavilion. Twenty-one successful weddings followed and the Randolph’s were hooked! Ten years later, Tapestry House is still going strong and is slated to host over 120 weddings in 2014.

Throughout 2014, Tapestry House will be posting trivia questions on Facebook that will coincide with the tenth anniversary of each wedding hosted in 2004. Please check our Facebook page regularly to celebrate with us! The first person to answer the trivia question correctly will win a special date night at Tapestry House! We have lots of information all throughout our website that you might find helpful in your pursuit of the correct answer. *Hint! Hint!* Each winning couple will be entered to win the grand prize giveaway! We can’t disclose what exactly it is, but you will definitely want to win it! Trust us!



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