While considering your event at Tapestry House, you may have a variety of questions about your special day.

Below you can find simple answers to these questions that may help start you in the right direction.  For a complete list, visit  WedgewoodWeddings.com

Frequently Asked Questions…

Q: How much does a wedding cost?

A: The price of your wedding depends on a variety of factors, such as:

  • Will you wed your beloved on a Tuesday or a Saturday? (A Tuesday would be much cheaper.)
  • How many guests will you invite? (When your guest count goes up, so does the price.)
  • Which of our packages will you choose, and how will you customize it?
    (The price depends on the services you want to include.)

What we can say is that we’ve done $2,000 weddings and we’ve done $50,000 weddings-it all depends on your desires and your budget.

Q: How much is the first payment?

A: Your first payment will be 25% of the estimated total on your contract. We accept checks, credit cards or money orders. You can make the payment in person during your site visit, by mail or over the phone. Never fear! All payments you make are credited to your final balance.

Q: How long can my event be?

A: You get five hours from start to finish-a perfect amount of time for a ceremony, cocktail hour and reception! If you would like to add additional time, you absolutely can-just ask your catering sales director for pricing.

Q: Can I bring in my own vendors?

A: Absolutely! You can remove services from your package and bring in an outside vendor of your choice (with the exception of food and beverage); you just can’t keep a service in your package and use your own vendor for Wedgewood’s price. Just keep in mind that we have already done the legwork and negotiating with our vendors on your behalf to get you the best value in our packages.

Q: How does the catering work?

A: When Wedgewood hosts your event, you get to treat your guests to Wedgewood’s award-winning food and beverage services! We offer plated and buffet options, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and other special meal options for those with special dietary needs. If you plan on having guests come to your event after the dinner portion, you still must pay the same per-person price for those guests as ones who will be eating. We do not allow anyone to take home leftovers for health and safety reasons.

Although Wedgewood allows many different types of outside wedding vendors we do not allow outside food or beverage services, including alcohol

Q: Can I customize my package?

A: During your site visit, we’ll build your perfect wedding package. We’ll start with one of the five base packages closest to your desires, and then customize it however you’d like! We can add or remove any services, just keep in mind every change will impact the overall price. Try to decide on exactly what you want during your site visit, as it might be more difficult to make changes as we get closer to your wedding date.

Q: Can I bring in my own alcohol?

A: Wedgewood has the liquor license and is responsible for all liquor served on the premises. For this reason we do not allow any outside alcohol. We do include a full stocked bar and bar tender with each package and we offer a variety of affordable hosted bar options that you can add onto any package. If you have a special request let us know and we will try to accommodate you.

Q: Can I bring in my own catering?

A: Wedgewood does not allow outside food and beverage for your main food service. We do allow outside vendors for cake, dessert stations, and candy buffets. If you have something special in mind please ask. We have special theme menus and other ways to customize a proposal tailored specifically to your needs.