Now we don’t pick favorites at Tapestry House, but we did really enjoy a lot of the details from this wedding, which is why we wanted to be able to show you!  While we already featured a few of our personal photos of table decor and fun wedding details, we fell in love with Tom K’s photographs from this event as well and couldn’t help but share them!  The couple arrived for their reception in a 1948 Chrysler New Yorker convertible in a beautiful mint green color which matched a lot of their wedding details!  Take a look at a few photos here or for more, visit tomKphoto’s blog!  One of our favorite details was the very sweet love notes that the groom wrote on the bottom of the bride’s shoes (pictured below).  It was a very special surprise that she thoroughly enjoyed!







Photos by tomKphoto.  Food by A Catered Affair by Connie.  Cake by Intricate Icings.  Flowers by Earle’s Loveland.  Music by Raising Cane Band.