Although it can be difficult to have a lot of DIY details when you have to make them for each and every table at your reception, we love how it all turns out!  This bride have a lot of fun, DIY centerpieces and ideas for the reception site, and it was absolutely beautiful!  For her centerpieces, she made these wrapped mason jars to hold baby’s breath flowers and a paper rose or two which she also handmade.  Each mason jar was slightly different in color and material; some were wrapped in ribbons, covered in glitter, or wrapped with colored yarn.  We then provided the mirrors with the lotus bowls and pebbles!  It was fun to see the room come together because each centerpiece had colors that matched, but they were still unique.

Not only were the centerpieces made by the bride, but she also made some beautiful tissue paper pomanders to hang from the ceiling on the patio of the pavilion!  They looked so cool for cocktail hour and numerous guests commented on how great they were!  These may be fairly simple to make, but they make a huge impact and bring your wedding colors to the patio area!

Congratulations to the both of you!  They enjoyed dancing the night away and we wish them that same laughter and happiness that they shared on their wedding day for the rest of their lives!