August is such a beautiful time of year at Tapestry House!  The light begins to soften, but the weather stays warm.  The flowers are still in bloom, and the trees are very lush and green.  It’s definitely one of my favorite times of the year, but apparently it is this couple’s favorite time of the year, too.  The bride and groom were so excited to be married in August!  The weather was perfect for their early evening wedding.

One of my favorite things about this wedding, though, was the fact that the couple allowed their two little boys to play such a big role in the wedding.  They actually ended up walking their mom, the bride, down the aisle to give her away to the groom.  The boys, who were goofballs during the reception, did such a fantastic job waiting at the bottom of the Tapestry House stairs for their mom before calmly walking her down the aisle.  Check out the photos captured by Sherri Barber Photography.  Congratulations to all of you and your new family!

Amy 1


Amy 2


Amy 3


Amy 4


Amy 5


Amy 6


Amy 7


Amy 8


Amy 9


Thank you, vendors!  Photography:  Sherri Barber Photography.  Florist:  Nature’s Grace Design.  Caterer:  Food For Thought.