Happy Halloween, everyone!  In honor of this holiday and the end of October, we wanted to featured some awesome ideas for the couple who loves Halloween!  While we don’t have an event booked for Halloween this year, we have seen couples incorporate orange, red, or black color schemes into their weddings when they fall towards the end of October.  Here are a few of our favorite ideas!

Last year, we had an event that incorporated orange and white lanterns into their decor!  They hung them on the patio and inside the pavilion area.  We think it is an excellent touch if you are looking to subtly add some Halloween fun to your wedding day!






At a different event, we were surprised and excited to see a different kind of cake: a zombie cake!  We thought it was absolutely hilarious!  This would be great to incorporate into a Halloween wedding because it is something that your guests won’t expect!






The same event that had the zombie cake also decorated the room in black tablecloths, white napkins, and red accents.  This color scheme can work well for a Halloween wedding, especially if your centerpieces involve tree branches or pumpkins.  This couple spray painted tree branches black and glued red roses on them.  It was super creative!

While these were all ideas from past events at Tapestry House, we also found some fun ideas via Pintrest!  Our first idea comes from Creative Theme Wedding Ideas.  This pumpkin wedding centerpiece idea doesn’t have to only be used for Halloween, but could be great for any type of October or Fall wedding!  We love that it also incorporates beautiful flowers in there, too!

Our next idea is for your favors!  One of the easiest ways to incorporate a Halloween-theme into your wedding day is to have a themed wedding favor like these personalized bat wine charms from etsy.com.  We love how simply they are, but they are something that guests can actually use!

Our last happy Halloween decor idea is for your dessert table!  Candy and dessert tables are PERFECT for Halloween!  We love how this group decorated the wall behind the table with orange and black streamers and fans!  It is a good DIY project that you can do, too!

If you have more Happy Halloween wedding ideas, we’d love to hear them!  Feel free to share them in the comments below.  Enjoy your Halloween! 🙂