Last month, we got to work with a couple and their wonderful families!  With many personal touches for the centerpieces and cakes homemade by the mother of the bride, we loved seeing this wedding come together!  Their colors were eggplant and lavender purples, the favorite color of the bride.  Take a look at the gorgeous room setup!

Their centerpieces were really fun, too!  They had Mr. and Mrs. Potato head, all dressed up in a tux and gown, rubber ducks as pictured here, and Barbie and Ken who were also getting married!  These toys were surrounding cute little purple potted flowers of orchids or pansies.  Their favors were gray, lavender, and eggplant colored m&ms in cute little jars!  How cute are they??

The cake was also very special!  The mother of the bride made it (and the groom’s cake which was a ball and chain! ha!) for the couple!  How sweet is that?

We are so glad we got to work with this wonderful couple and their families and really enjoyed all of their personal touches!  Family involvement can really pay off when you have the support of the ones you love!