One of the most memorable moments from this Tapestry House summer wedding was their unity box!  A lot of couples usually have a sand ceremony or a unity candle that they light during their ceremony.  Instead of that, this couple decided to have a unity box.  Not sure what that is?  Essentially, a couple places a nice bottle of wine and a few love letters in a box not to be opened until a set number of years later (think 5th, 10th, 20th, or 30th anniversary).  This groom made a strong, steel box for the couple to lock their items in!  It made for some fun photos of the bride and groom using their power tools to seal it!

For more photos, check out tomKphoto’s blog page!

summer 1

summer 2


summer 11

summer 6

summer 5

summer 9summer 10

summer 12

Thanks to tomKphoto for photos.  Fabulous food by Behind the Scenes Catering.  Wonderful photo booth by Too Much Fun.  Non-garden flowers by Best Day Floral.