This week, we wanted to share a story from one of our own staff members who got engaged about a month ago.  Marissa has worked with us for almost three years now in various capacities from office work to set-up to wait and event staff at our events.  Her now fiance, Joel, proposed to her at the beginning of November on their anniversary of four years of dating in Old Town Fort Collins.

     Joel had been hinting at a possible proposal around Christmastime, so Marissa had absolutely no clue what was coming that November evening.  He took her to the Chocolate Cafe where they had their first date, but he made it sound like it was a very low-key date of dinner and dessert.  Since Marissa adores twinkle lights, Joel told Marissa that they would walk around after dessert to see the newly lit twinkle lights in Old Town.  As they started walking, Joel began to say how he thought it was a wonderful four years of dating and how he was so glad that they were together.  Marissa didn’t suspect anything because she thought he was just being sweet.  As they neared Oak Street Plaza, Marissa noticed a guy playing piano.  She pointed it out to Joel, but just assumed that people play instruments in Old Town all the time and didn’t really think anything of it!  Marissa finally began to suspect something was up when Joel started to trip over his words and started acting a bit nervous.  He then dropped to one knee and said a lot of very sweet things which led to “Marissa, will you marry me?”  Of course she said yes!

Marissa didn’t realize that Joel had a friend of theirs play piano for them while he proposed and had another friend take photos and video of the entire proposal!  It was a complete and wonderful surprise that was very special for the two of them!




Congratulations, Marissa and Joel!  We wish you two the best as you embark on this adventure together!  May you enjoy every moment of the planning process and of your wedding day!