In the middle of June, this couple’s wedding day started out with lots of sunshine and smiles.  The ceremony began with a little bit of thunder and some clouds, and we here at Tapestry House handed out all of our clear umbrellas, just in case of rain, but just as the bride was about to walk down the aisle, the sky opened up and the rain began to pour!  The officiant calmly told everyone to head to the pavilion so that we could do the ceremony inside.  Guests protected the beautiful ceremony flowers from the rain, and the Tapestry House staff began to move everything inside as quickly as possible.  We were able to still have a beautiful ceremony inside the pavilion, and the rain cleared afterwards for some fabulous photos opportunities for the couple!  Sherri Barber Photography was there to capture it all and her images from this event were beautiful!  For more information, make sure to also check out her blog post about this rainy June wedding!

E 6-22-14 E


E 6-22-14 F


E 6-22-14 G


E 6-22-14 A


E 6-22-14 C


E 6-22-14 B


E puddle reflection Tap H


Congratulations, Megan and Elliot!  Thank you to our vendors: Photography by Sherri Barber Photography.  Flowers: Paul Wood Florist.  Caterer: Carter’s Creative Catering.