Your wedding day is fast approaching, but you are still nervous that you might forget something in your excitement to get married on your big day!  That’s where we step in!  Here’s a list of some great items to have for a bridal emergency kit!  Start gathering and packing these items now so that you have them just in case on your special day!

Here’s some suggestions on what to include:

1. Band-aid
2.  Clear Nail Polish (great for fingernails or if you get a snag in your pantyhose)
3. Breath mint
4.  Bobby pins
5.  Kleenex (and carry some with you, too!)
6.  Deodarant
7.  Tylonel (or other headache medication)
8.  Lotion
9.  Compact mirror
10.  Lint roller
11.  Hair spray
12.  Drinking straws (so you can keep your lipstick looking good)
13.  Safety pins  (I can’t tell you how many times safety pins have saved the day!)
14.  Mini sewing kit
15.  Static guard
16.  Snacks
17.  Water
18.  Stain remover
19.  Chapstick
20.  Double stick tape/ masking tape

Hopefully, you are able to use these items and add anything else you might need to the list!  We recommend using a cute box, a travel case, or a tackle box to hold all the items!  Here are a few examples!