1. Why You Should Hire A Professional DJ – A good one, at that!

    We get so many questions on tours about DJs.   “Why would we pay that much when we can use our online playlist & your stereo system?” “I already have an iPod with my favorite music. My cousin can make announcements throughout the night.” “I don’t know if we can afford that? I rather just use someone really cheap.”   Honestly, we absolutely LOVE having a good DJ here at Tapestry…Read More

  2. Summer 2014 Wedding Color Trends

    It's time to start thinking about your wedding colors for your Summer 2014 wedding at Tapestry House!  We've compiled a list of some of the hottest wedding color trends for Summer of 2014!  All of the colors below are available in our napkins, which are included with your pricing.  Many of them are also available in tablecloths as well, but you can check with the lovely office ladies to see whi…Read More

  3. Top 8 Wedding Worthy Oscar Trends!

    Last night's Oscars brought lots of laughs, tears of joy, and kisses for the tiny Oscar statues!  While we were excited for all of the fun during the awards show, we really enjoyed seeing all of the gowns and thinking which ones were wedding worthy!  This season, we saw lots of nude dresses with sequins!  Here are our top 8 wedding worthy Oscar trends! 1.  Cate Blanchett  --  Dress by Armani…Read More

  4. Wedding Traditions!

    Ever wonder where the saying, "something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue" came from?  Been curious about what types of wedding customs someone from a different culture has on their wedding day?  Well, then this post is for you!  We've chosen to highlight a few different countries and some of their wedding customs in case you want to incorporate some from your heritage…Read More

  5. “Unplugged” vs. “Plugged In” Weddings!

    While there are millions of photos of weddings that utilize social media sites such as Instagram or Facebook in effective ways in order for their guests to have a way to document the wedding, there has also been an emerging trend of having an "unplugged" wedding.  This means no phones should be used to take photos, videos, or update status on social media websites.  Event Michael Jordan's recent…Read More

  6. 4 Ways to Cut Wedding Costs

      WOW! Can you believe that- a $28,427 price tag on the average wedding?? We actually are not all that surprised.   4. CATERING: Our latest special includes the rental fee, wait staff, a champagne toast, and … you guessed right … CATERING!!! For Saturday morning weddings, 8AM to 3PM, we are offering a scrumptious brunch for up to 50 guests, a champagne toast, and covering the cost of our wai…Read More

  7. Bridal Emergency Kit!

    Your wedding day is fast approaching, but you are still nervous that you might forget something in your excitement to get married on your big day!  That's where we step in!  Here's a list of some great items to have for a bridal emergency kit!  Start gathering and packing these items now so that you have them just in case on your special day! Here's some suggestions on what to include: 1. Ban…Read More

  8. The Latest Wedding Favor Trends!

    With the newly fallen snow already melting away, we here at Tapestry House are anxiously awaiting the Spring wedding season!  In the mean time, we hope to keep our followers up-to-date on some of the latest wedding trends!  Recently, we have seen some fantastic wedding favor ideas that we wanted to share with all of you!  Hopefully, these ideas may help you pick a favor for your guests that…Read More