Large Dance Floor in Pavilion of Tapestry House
June 10, 2013
Uplights & DJ: Pure Energy Events
Picture by Pure Energy Events

We get so many questions on tours about DJs.


“Why would we pay that much when we can use our online playlist & your stereo system?”

“I already have an iPod with my favorite music. My cousin can make announcements throughout the night.”

“I don’t know if we can afford that? I rather just use someone really cheap.”


Honestly, we absolutely LOVE having a good DJ here at Tapestry House. The whole atmosphere changes! The crowd is energized and interactive. The bride and groom are relaxed and guided seamlessly throughout the evening with ease. Plus, your friend or cousin who you volunteered to MC for the night doesn’t feel completely lost with all of his responsibilities!




Equipment! Equipment can cost anywhere from $8,000 to $20,000 depending upon quality of system and lighting. Plus, most professionals have a backup system in their vehicle in case of equipment failure. This could be their old system or one they have rented especially for your wedding.



Photographer: tomKphoto



Every single crowd we see come through Tapestry House is different. It’s true! It is the DJ’s duty to read the crowd and know what exactly is going to engage them to be interested in the next activity. A good DJ will measure the pulse of the event and figure out what should be played next and not jump around from genre to genre like your playlist might. From experience, they know when to slow things down with a slow song and when to play the latest Top100 song. Think about it… You have your Great Aunt in the same room with your very best friend and they need to be equally entertained. While their music tastes vary vastly, it is the DJ’s responsibility to recognize this variance and act on it.


Microphone skills are essential! The very last thing a wedding guest wants to hear at a wedding is mumbling the next activity, “umm,” or “I don’t really know what’s going on, but, uh, I think it might be time for some dinner…” Yup! You get the idea. A good DJ will be able to commandeer your guests’ attention, speak concisely, and tell them exactly what to expect next.


At Tapestry House, your event manager is really in charge of managing the entire timeline, but it is the DJ we use as our “mouthpiece.” For example, when it is time for cake cutting, your event manager has already spoken to the caterer (to make sure their staff is prepared to cut the cake), the photographer & videographer (to ensure that they are in the proper location to shoot), and the DJ (to make the announcement for everyone to get seated). A decent DJ would make the announcement that cake cutting is going to commence soon. A great DJ would look at the timeline, realize not only is cake cutting next on the agenda, but that toasts and first dances are coming up, and make sure people had a drink in hand for the upcoming activities.


Believe it or not, despite the fact that we have planned on this very day for months and have an exact timeline mapped out down to the minute, things do change! Your bridesmaid’s dress strap might pop off right before she is supposed to be announced out, your dad might need to use the restroom when it is time for the father/daughter dance. You never know! Change happens. A good DJ will be adaptable to all of the changes that might arise.


Most importantly, a great DJ will love their job and that will reflect in their performance. Make sure you sit down and meet with your DJ face-to-face. Make sure his or her personality fits in with your guests. What are important qualities for you to have in your DJ?





Below are the DJs we have worked with time and time again who we trust. Give them a call or send them an email to inquire on their pricing & availability.


Disc Jockeys:,Phone Number,Website
Colorado Sound,970 226-0600,
Elite DJ,720 201-4382,
DJ Ron Michaels,970 225-3900,
McKinney Entertainment,970 667-0646,
Byers Entertainment Band & DJ Service,970 221-0228,
Too Much Fun! DJ Service,970 302-0747,
Paul Wozniak,970 493-4724,