1. Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After!

    Tapestry House had so much fun celebrating with this couple for their May 20th wedding!  They and their wedding party looked like they were having so much fun the entire evening!  The ceremony had a lot of special touches, including two special songs performed by members of the bridal party.  The bride's sister played the ukelele for the couple, too!  At the reception, they also added a lot of…Read More

  2. Wonder and Whimsy!

    Sometimes you have to have a few extra fun activities for the kids in your groups, especially if there are quite a few of them!  This bride made paper mache hot air balloons with little trap doors on them that were filled with candy!  At one point during the evening, the strings were pulled, and the kids were able to collect all of the candy that dropped out of them!   This couple's centerpiece…Read More

  3. Bridal Shower Bliss!

    Bridal showers are always so much fun!  I just love how the planner of the group brings together such cute details and creates such a memorable event for the bride!  It's so great to see the bride surrounded by so many of her friends and family! Tapestry House had the pleasure of hosting a lovely little bridal shower on our patio area of the pavilion!  It was a gorgeous, sunny day and we were a…Read More

  4. Succulents and Elegance!

    Have you ever thought about using succulents as your favors for your wedding?  I'm sure you've seen it on Pinterest before, but this past weekend we had a couple who chose to put this idea into action!  Their succulent favors doubled as their escort cards so that guests knew where to sit! Not only did this couple use adorable succulents to get guests to the tables, but their table decor itself w…Read More

  5. Spring is in the Air!

    Even though I'm looking out the window while writing this and watching the snow softly falling on the Tapestry House property, Spring has definitely arrived here!  This past week, we have had some wonderful, sunny, warm weather and were able to begin to put out some of our flowers!  We had a wedding as well, and they were even able to open up the sides of the patio, leaving it open to the warmer…Read More

  6. Summer 2014 Wedding Color Trends

    It's time to start thinking about your wedding colors for your Summer 2014 wedding at Tapestry House!  We've compiled a list of some of the hottest wedding color trends for Summer of 2014!  All of the colors below are available in our napkins, which are included with your pricing.  Many of them are also available in tablecloths as well, but you can check with the lovely office ladies to see whi…Read More

  7. Biggest Deal of the Year!

    Okay, Friends! Bobbie might have gone just a little bit off the deep end with this deal! Maybe too many cold, snowy days this past winter? But, hey! That’s why we love her! She has decided to offer a very special two-day package on a WEEKEND! YES! A WEEKEND!! Can you believe it?? We can’t either.   Usually Tapestry House is unable to offer anything this elaborate because of how quickly ou…Read More

  8. Nicole & Dustin’s Summer Wedding!

    One of the most memorable moments from this Tapestry House summer wedding was their unity box!  A lot of couples usually have a sand ceremony or a unity candle that they light during their ceremony.  Instead of that, this couple decided to have a unity box.  Not sure what that is?  Essentially, a couple places a nice bottle of wine and a few love letters in a box not to be opened until a set n…Read More

  9. Jenae + Anthony: A Match Made in Heaven

    FLASHBACK TIME!  Want to learn a little bit more about this couple who were married at Tapestry House a couple years ago?  Here are some fun facts!  They first met in high school.  Anthony tried to pursue Jenae multiple times during high school and into college.  Jenae finally gave in and now they are happily married!  tomKphoto was here to capture the beautiful wedding with fun music (they …Read More

  10. Kristen + Mark: I Could Have Danced All Night!

    Here's a sneak peek at a Tapestry House wedding from summer 2012!  Every couple has a unique story and way that they wish their wedding will look and this couple is no exception!  Kristen loved flowers and made sure to have a lot of beautiful ones at her wedding!  She chose flowers in vibrate colors which really popped against the ivory tablecloths.  Both of them loved to dance, though, which …Read More